05 Grand Caravan Rear Wiper Problem

After going thru an automatic carwash with an 05 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT my rear wiper blade is now not hitting the window. When I checked it out the arm was off the window so I pushed it back against the window. After that ran the wiper again and it once again is not hitting the window. Any suggestions?

the wiper has been stripped. the usual solution is to buy a new wiper arm to install. (the knurled shaft usually does NOT strip, but the wiper arm (being made of cheaper softer metal) usually strips out first.

Do you mean it is pushed down over the metal part of the liftgate? Or do you mean that it is raised from the glass by a small amount?

I had the same problem with my '03, they had to replace the motor. They wanted to do the arm, but for $75 I told them to try with the old one first. I guess I was lucky and the old arm was fine. It actually works now… surprisingly.