Rear windshield cracking

My son’s three month old 2007 Hyundai Elantra rear windshield cracked today. He didn’t notice anything unusual about the windshield’s appearance prior to getting into the car but after he got in and closed the door he heard a pop and then saw the windshield had cracked. He will get it replaced but asked me if knew of any issues with Hyundai windshields as well as what he should ask for when he replaces the windshield. My son and his car live in Dayton, Ohio.

This should be a warranty replacement, and cost him nothing.

A tiny flaw somewhere in the glass probably created a weak spot, and the glass cracked. I wouldn’t worry too much about this, and I seriously doubt it has anything to do with Hyundai vehicles.

The rear ISN’T called a windshield. But it SHOULDN’T crack unless it’s hit by something. I have seen on some vehicles back in the 70’s where closing the door fast have caused a window to pop out. If it actually happened when he closed the door then it’s probably a design flaw. The dealer should fix this…and I suggest he doesn’t slam the door anymore.