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Windshield Woes

Hi All,

In February of this year, I had a new windshield installed. Yesterday when leaving to go to work I noticed the very top part of the windshield on the driver side was cracked in a “x” shape. I have attached a picture of this crack for viewing. If there is some problem viewing the picture let me know and I will try to re-post it.

I have no clue how this has happened, since I am the only driver of this car and have not had any rocks/debris hit my windshield since this was installed. I took it to the people who did the installation, and the guy looked at it and agreed this was rather odd and there was no evidence of rock or debris in the crack itself. I asked if there was a chance that it was installed incorrectly (maybe a stress crack?) or if the windshield itself may have had some sort of hairline crack prior to the installation. He said that there really is no wrong way to install a windshield and that it had to have been some sort of debris or vandalism–and the windshield was in perfect condition when installed.

I am really leaning towards the idea that this was some sort of installation error. You would think that if this was an act of vandalism, the person would have smashed the whole windshield–or at least somewhere towards the center that would force me to have it replaced. As it is now, you cannot see this crack from the inside of the car. So here are my questions:

  1. Is there a wrong way to install a windshield that could have caused this? Or is the company just leading me on because they don’t want to replace it?
  2. If the answer to the above question is yes, should I go back and push for them to replace it?

Normally I would not make such a big deal out of this. However, this windshield cost over $350.00 and is barely a month old. Knowing nothing about windshield installation, I thought I would run it by you all. I appreciate any insight or information you can provide. Thanks in advance!


Take it back…they installed it wrong.

If it was done through your insurance company then contact them.

I would agree it was installed wrong. Possibly a chip of glass from the old windshield left behind in the pinchweld. Since there is no rock chip or sign of impact from anything, there really is no other explanation for it.

I agree with MikeinNH. Whoever told you that you can’t mess up an install is just trying to cover their own behind. It looks pretty clear to me that the upper corner was not prepped correctly - something was left in there and stressed that corner. It wouldn’t take much.

Have another windshield shop replace the windshield. Proper windshield installation is critical to the operation of the front air bag system. It’s a little known fact but it’s true. You don’t want the failure of a windshield to occur during airbag deployment.

Thanks to all who responded. I will get in touch with the shop early this week and see if they are willing to make this right. Again, thanks all.