Rattling rear view mirror

My Elantra SE interior mirror has had an annoying problem from new: it rattles. Usually doesn’t start until after many minutes of steady driving. Then gets loud enough to be a real distraction, and even to interfere with outside sounds - a safety issue. I’ve wiggled the mirror to all sorts of positions, but only touching it continuously damps the vibration - not good for a stick-shift. Anyone else experience this? Shop says they’ve never heard of the problem before.

Since it takes a while to begin rattling, it has never happened during regular service appointments. The mirror is not user-serviceable; a special tool is needed. (My dealer doesn’t even have one; they get mirror work done during occasional visits by a specialist.) They wouldn’t replace the mirror on my say-so, saying I needed to call Hyundai.

After several attempts and much waiting, I finally reached Hyundai. They said it’s a dealer issue, and they won’t get involved. Really.

Because it is a safety issue sometimes, I’m planning to pay to have the mirror replaced. Because the car is disappointing in a number of ways, and support seems lousy, I’m hoping to trade it out for something better when the numbers work. I find this level of help from dealer/service operation and manufacturer unimpressive, and would rather not own a Hyundai when something bigger goes wrong.

I’m assuming this is happening when the car is fully warmed up inside. Have you taken a long drive before your service appointment and then taken a tech out for a ride immediately?

I’d try another dealer before paying for the repair myself.

Insist that a shop tech or service adviser accompany you on a drive. Then drive around until it starts rattling.

stick a toothpick in there and brak it off so you can’t see it.

Thanks for comments.

Happens at any temperature. Have tried driving to start rattle before service appt., but it doesn’t start again during their short rides. And they won’t bother taking it out on the highway, where it will start. Why I need a new dealer - too bad there isn’t another one as close.

I tried all kinds of fixes. Toothpick didn’t go anywhere that helped. A rubber band from the mirror to the mount helps, but interferes with view. Really, I want a new mirror, since it was doing this from new. There’s probably a poker chip or something in there!

Will try a new dealer for 15k service. perhaps they’ll do the fix to get my business going forward. I hope.

If the car is still within the terms of the warranty both miles and age-wise then a rattling mirror is a problem that should be covered under a factory warranty.
Unless there’s something going on behind the scenes with Hyundai, the dealer should have done the repair and submitted a warranty claim without question.

Every new car has a budgeted amount for warranty repairs and the car makers would prefer that as little as possible of that amount be used. The only thing I can think of is that they’re trying to stonewall you until you go away and save the cost of the repair. Stonewalling thousands of other repairs can add a lot to the corporate coffers.

I guess they dont use allen screws any more. What kind of special tool could it be? One option would be to carefully put a drop of super glue into the windshield mount bracket where it meets the mirror stem. There should be a groove or seam there. Work a little drop of glue at a time being careful to wear gloves and cover the zone where a drop may fall. Wait 2 minutes and drive. I suspect the special tool they do not have is actually a windshield mount removal tool. That is a rarely used device. You may have to suggest this to them as a plastic cover may need to be carefully removed and put back on.