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2020 Hyundai Elantra - compatible window replacement

the driver side window is broken on my 2020 Hyundai Elantra what is a compatable replacment for this glass?

You don’t need to know that. Call your insurance carrier and a glass shop will fix it properly.


There is a lot of cheap inferior glass made for windshields. I don’t know if it is for side windows but I would not take a chance. Go to either a Hyundai dealer or a very reputable glass shop.

I once got a terrible windshield by getting a recommendation from my State Farm agent. When I drove into a rising or setting sun it looked like I was driving among a fleet of sailboats. The sails were voids in the adhesive between the glass. Shortly after that a bunch of insurance agents nationwide were investigated for taking kickbacks from glass companies.

I was getting a quote for getting the windshield replaced in a lease car I was turning in and the guy at the glass company asked me if I was paying for it or my insurance company was.

When I told him insurance company the quote was about $450. I asked what it would be for me and he quoted just under $200.

When I askeb him why it was cheaper for me, he said because I don’t have to buy you hockey tickets.

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