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Shattered window

The right rear window on my 2008 Hyundai Elantra suddenly shatter as we started to drive down the road. It was in the middle of the Arizona desert, on paved road, no one in sight. I do not believe it was hit by anything. Any glues?

See if the warranty will pay for it. If you truly did nothing wrong, you have nothing to lose. Go talk to the dealer. If they won’t authorize it, contact your insurer. If you have collision coverage, it may be covered.

I had a similar experience. My car was parked overnight in my driveway and it was one of those very cold nights. When I went to get in the car the next morning the passenger side window was gone and there was little lumps of glass everywhere. I thought someone had bashed in the window to steal something, but this is a very rural area and nothing was missing. This type of glass is “stressed” as it is made. This makes the windows very strong, but if something releases the “stress” the glass will just shatter. In my case it was the extreme cold, in your case perhaps extreme heat. It is very likely there was a defect in the glass that contributed to the shattering experience. Perhaps the mfg warranty will cover it. My car was a couple of years old and out of warranty, insurance (less the deductable) covered it.

this is not all that uncommon, while tempered glass is very strong it can be manufactured with defects, inclusions, stress concentrators, etc. This is a warrantee item…

It happens. Check your new car warranty first, if they will not cover it, check you auto insurance, it may be covered there without deductable and without changing your rates.

Thanks to all that replyed to my question. We were in the middle of Arizona when the window shattered. I stopped at a dealer in Albuquerque, NM who told me it would probabaly not be covered. We taped it all up and drove home to Omaha, NE. The dealer where I bought it told me yesterday they would coave it ant the window is on order.
Thanks again to all who replyed.