Rear view mirror question

I work at a production house in Pittsburgh that’s shooting a couple of commercials next week. I need to rent a compact car, a minivan, and a sedan that have removable rear view mirrors (either detectable or able to be re-glued) so the talent inside the vehicle remains unobstructed.

I don’t want anything older than 2000 models, if I can help it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To my understanding all rear-view mirrors are now glued to the windshield and can be reglued it removed. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

The rear view mirror can be detached from the medalion that’s glued to the windshield. Usually with a small allen wrench.


But, if you try to remove the part that is glued to the windshield, it will crack the windshield. If you have to have a windshield without that mount, you can have an automotive glass replacement shop replace the windshield.

Your wrong. Many vehicles have them attached to the ceiling panel.

If you heat them and slowly pry at them, you can often remove them without cracking the glass. Of course, I don’t know if that’s true of all cars. I have seen it on several Ford/Lincoln/Mercury products.

Also, be careful if you go the other way. I have seen window glass that came with the mirror button pre-installed from the factory.

But the medallion must also be removed to it doesn’t obscure the actors. Got any ideas about how to do that?

There is a product called Goo Gone. It or a product like it will help you remove tape and labels. Perhaps it or a product like it will dissolve the glue that holds the medallion on? Try the dollar store and the cleaning section of your local grocery store. An auto parts store or a hardware might also have a solvent that will help you remove the medallion. Try calling some local auto parts stores first to see if they have anything that can help. You could also try calling a windshield repair company to find out what they use to get the medallion off an old windshield.

I believe some Fords have rv mirrors that come off with a special tool, not a hex key wrench.

If your so worried about the medallion, replace the windshield ,then replace the rear view mirror when finished with the vehicle. It’s only a few hundred anyway.