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Rear view mirror movement

Our vans passenger side rear view mirror (powered) does not rotate in and out. It does rotate up and down. Can this be fixed? or we need to change the motor. how much will it cost.

Hold On, I'm Concentrating . . . I Think I've Got It !

Rats, It's Gone Now. I'm Trying To Imagine The Van's Model-Year, Make, And Model, And I Amost Had It, . . . But It's Gone, Now.

Just joking with you, but if you'd give the information it could help somebody to help you.


CSA: Sorry, should have put it in first post, anyway its 05 monterey, it has lighted turn arrows on the mirror.

I Doubt You Can Get A Motor Or Individual Parts For It Except The Glass Mirror, Maybe. You'll Probably Need A Whole Mirror Asssembly. Are The Mirrors Painted To Match The Body Color ?

Before doing that you should try and make sure it's necessary and that it's going to fix the problem. I take it that same switch operates the other mirror (driver's) and it has movement in both axes (up/down - R&L) ? So it probably isn't the switch.

Have you tried giving it a little help when you activate the switch ?

A wire or connection could be bad from switch to mirror. I'd want to be sure that it's getting power out to the mirror. I only fixed one of these once (GM vehicle) and I was able to pry gently under the mirror (glass and backing) and it unclipped and popped right out. I'm not sure that all mirrors do this, but perhaps that's the reverse of how they're assembled. Don't try this unless you're comfortable with possibly breaking it. You've got a mirror now that works manually, which is better than one with no mirror glass.

Next, with the glass out, you might be able to check for electricity at the motor connections or you might see something that's screwing things up. I've got wasps that love living in the mirrors on some of our cars. There could even be screws inside that allow removing some internal parts for ease of checking.


If you can read a schematic you can unplugf & remove the mirror assembly and check for voltage at the plug pins. A Haynes Repair manual from the local parts store should tell you how to remove the mirror.

It would help to know if you can hear the motor running in the mirror, even when it won’t go left and right. You can hear it when it goes up and down, so, can you hear it when it does not go left and right?