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Rear view mirror loose

I bought my car with about 85K miles, and the rear view mirror was loose. This meant having to readjust it periodically as I drove. A nuisance but I could live with it. 70K miles later and it’s really loose. I adjust it and it immediately drops all the way down. Can this be fixed or do I need to buy a new mirror? And if I need a new one, do I need to get the full window mounting kit or just attach the mirror to the existing base? Thank you for your input.

Here’s one I found online.

1999 Subaru Legacy sedan

New mirror.
attach to existing base.

I don’t think you need a new mirror.

The tension on the mirror is adjustable. You will need a special tool, I can’t remember whether it’s an allen wrench or a Torx driver, but it can be adjusted.

My '96 Subaru had the same problem. I tightened the tensioner and the mirror stayed where I put it.

The adjustment is very touchy. It’s easy to go from too loose to too tight. A very minor turn of the tensioner makes a big difference.

Look behind the mirror, where it attaches to the stalk. You’ll see it. The adjustment is on the driver’s side of the car.

Get the necessary tool, tighten the tensioner, and enjoy a rear view mirror that stays in place.

I think mcparadise nailed it. Most rearview mirrors have a set screw where there is a socket for the mirror to adjust. I have had to tighten them up on some of my cars. Tightening the set screws will be easier than replacing the mirror, and cheap if you have to buy the tool to do it or free if you already have it or can borrow it from a friend or relative.