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1999 RAV4 Minor Repairs

My one-owner 1999 RAV4 has 224,681 miles and is in excellent condition except for minor repairs that we would like to do at home.

The rear view mirror will no longer stay in adjustment. The attachment to the vehicle body is fine, but the mirror wobbles from front to back. The button that switches the mirror from daylight to dark works, but the mirror almost immediately slips out of adjustment on either setting.

The rear window washer has never worked well. The hose from the wiper fluid tank appears to become obstructed or to become unattached. We have had this repaired twice just to have it quit working again almost immediately both times.

The interior light works, but the case has become loose and won’t stay when we push it back into place.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give us. We love this auto and plan to keep it forever!