Electric mirrors - 2008 Camry hybrid

I’ve rarely needed to change the position on my exterior mirrors which are controlled on the inside of the car. I’ve found they will move in/out but not up/down. They may just be so dirty that the motors aren’t turning or just not moving because they’re old and from lack of use…don’t know. Can I try to loosen them with my hand while pressing the up/down switch or is it a complete mirror replacement. Both mirrors left and right react the same.

yes. you can just use your hands too without using the switch. you will hear a little grinding or clicking sound from the plastic gears, but you won’t do any damage. I would spray some WD40 in between the mirror and the mirror body first. just stick the straw in the crack and spray all around the mirror. some will get on the gears and help with the loosening and also lube everything.

if that does not work then the switch could be your problem.

How Power Mirrors Work - Bing video


I’d be looking at the switch first.



re-reading your post, I overlooked that you said it was happing on both sides. I would agree with Tester that it is probably the switch.

Thank you all for your advice. I will check and replace the switch which costs about $15 if necessary.