Remote Mirrors

I have looked for this information all over, and this is driving me crazy.

I have a Grand Prix which has remote mirrors on the driver’s side. It is NOT a powered mirror, it’s one with the joystick on it. About three years ago the mirror did something, and now the mirror will only point to the EXTREME left. The joystick to adjust it is hard against the right, and I can’t adjust it all. I try using my hand to move the mirror so I can see behind me, and it will move for about 20 minutes, but eventually winds up pointing to the extreme left again.

I kn ow there must be an easy way to fix this so I can adjust my mirror again, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Help anyone?


I can’t help you.

When asking a question about a vehicle on-line, the make/model/YEAR of the vehicle is required.


There are three small cables between the control lever and the mirror base. Something broke, remove the mirror and see if you can repair it. You may need to replace the mirror assembly.

Almost any collision center ( they used to be body shops ) should be able to solve this.

Stop at a GM dealer’s parts window and request an “exploded view” drawing of the mirror installation. You can use that to guide you in removing the mirror to take a look at it.

Generally, there’ll be a “garnish” in the inside that’ll pop out, and three screws holding the mirror assembly on. Removal should be no problem for anyone with basic screwdriver skills, although in some vehicles the inner door panel will need to be partially removed to access the bottom screw(s).

Tester made a good point. If you’d told us more about the car one of us might have been able to be more help and link in a diagram…