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Rear brake noises

My 2010 Ford E350 Winnebago motorhome, with 9125 miles, is occassionally making sounds which only happen when braking at slow speeds. The noise comes from the rear so I called Ford to schedule an appointment to have the brakes looked at. They jerked me around, “we only have one lift which will lift you so you may have to leave it for several days”, I mean what kind of an appointment is that…so I just hand it over to them & stay at a motel for who knows how long…anyway the service guy says"they may just have glazed over" so I asked what does that mean? He says we won’t know until they take a look. So with 9125 miles can I really be having any kind of a serious problem with my brakes?

I can’t imagine why you’d have brake problems with such low mileage – unless you rode them down a very steep, very long hill.

Aside from that, seems like you should be covered by the warranty. But you shouldn’t have to put up with a dealer who jerks you around. How hard is it to look at the brakes/

Yes. Give the service guy as you call him the benefit of the doubt and let him find out what is wrong. Pay for the motel room.