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Low speed braking/slight groan

99 Accord just turned 120k.

When braking to a complete stop I hear a slight groan from the front end starting around 15-20mph and that’s it. No squealing, no vibration/grinding in pedal, etc.

Next time I get my oil changed , which will be in about 1,000 miles I was going to have my mechanic get the thing up in the air and look at the brakes. This is part of the 120k maintenance in the owner’s manual.

It is worth noting I just bought this car a little over a month ago and had him inspect and didn’t mention anything about the brakes needing replacing/servicing. This car has front disc brakes.

Can this wait another 1k or should I have it looked at immediately? It’s hard to reproduce the sound on a test drive because it doesn’t make the sound all the time.