Is it acceptable for brakes with only 10,000 miles to make noise?

Front discs and pads replaced about 10k ago and still under warranty - work done by my mechanic whom I have been patronizing for the last 8 years. When the brakes are applied at 40 MPH plus, get a low pitched “HMMMMMMMM” type of sound that goes away as the car decelerates through 40. It is sort of annoying but the brakes work perfectly fine. A mechanic that works for the shop rode with me and listened, and didn’t offer much of an explanation or offer to remove the wheels and inspect the brakes. In other words, he cited this as normal. Would it be advisable to get a 2nd opinion? I’ve never had this issue with brakes on other vehicles i’ve owned, especially with new brakes.


No! With the right parts the brakes should be silent but if you were to use cheap parts or the brake hardware was not installed or you have another problem I would give the guy 1 more chance to resolve it. and then Move on.

What year accord? 2008 and 2009 are known to have issues with brakes not lasting long at all.

Metallic brakes tend to be a little more noisy but not as noisy as you describe. Are they all making noise or just one corner?

It’s a 1999 model. Sound is coming from the whole front end.


The pads are ceramic, if that helps.


It would behoove a shop to remove the wheels and take a close look at recent work to a customer’s brakes if something worries them(you) in my opinion, @Accordion. If the shop owner appreciates your business he should make time to do so when you ask. So ask.

Someone should have a look-see. Preferably the shop tyhat did the brakes. You said the mechanic offered to do so, but did not say if he had (?).

I have heard people say that ceramic pads can be noisy, but whether that’s a fact or not someone should take a look. Personally, I have ceramic pads all around and they’re perfectly quiet.

I have ceramic pads on a 2005 Accord EX V6 and don’t have any brake noise.

Brakes noises could be caused by some error on the part of the shop or they may be caused by outside influences.

With 10k miles elapsed since the brakes were done they’re not really considered new. The wheels need to come off for a closer look.

I agree with @ok4450

The title of this post is quite misleading

Brakes with 10K on them are not new in my book.

I know brake noise is annoying, but come on

No offense intended

I edited the title of the post. It should no longer be misleading. @db4690