Loud rotational screeching noise

My 09 explorer has 11,000 miles on it. Recently a loud screech has developed from the right rear wheel. The problem is that it is intermittent and of course never makes the sound when I take it in. As I go faster the squeek goes faster and stops when I press the brake. The dealership said it was the parking brake. They deglazed the pads and rotor. Yesterday it started again. It only makes noise after being driven in stop and go traffic for a good while. They just called me and can’t find the problem.

You may end up hearing things like hard spots in pads or rust on the rotors, But one case in my experience ended up being pitted rotors due to poor manufacturing, replaced at 13k miles as a courtesy as brakes were only covered up to 12k. Document it and try to get the cause resolved. It is the tpical indicator of a worn brake pad, you could probably have the brakes checked for pad wear someplace for free as an alternative opinion.

Thanks for the info. The service department is keeping it overnight and will drive it around tomorrow hopefully they will find the cause.