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2013 F-150 Front End Groaning

I have a 2013 F-150 4x4 with about 63k miles on it. Recently, I had noticed that when I applied the brakes when slowly down, in a gradual fashion, I will get a king of groaning noise from the front of the vehicle. When you press hard on the brakes, it goes away and only appears when you lightly apply them. It is hard to tell if it is present when you get up to speed due to wheel noise. First time i took it to the mechanic, they couldn’t find it. However when I took it in last time, they identified it right away and recommended servicing the front brakes including turning the rotors. It seemed to have gone away, but sometimes I swear it comes back. Any ideas on if it really was the brakes or something else?

Yes, it was probably the brakes. Disk brakes can squeal, moan, groan, or grind and still be perfectly functioning brakes. Annoying, sure, but functional. They may be mostly silent and sometimes even completely silent with different drivers. I think they got it correct, the second time.

It is a delicate balance the manufacturers walk to prevent these noises to keep buyers happy. Those very same buyers then buy SuperWhoopeeStoppy brand brake pads and pair them with ChinaCheepSuperGood rotors. Sometimes this is OK, other times noises occur. Drives mechanics nuts as well so many refuse to use anything but factory parts because they don’t want you coming back and complaining.

You’re probably due. Mine, same truck/year is at 55K with original pads&rotors. But expect brake service soon.

I’ve had the front brakes done once (about 12k ago) and the rear brakes @ 35k and 63k. I drive highway miles most of the time @80 miles an hour, so have a bit more brake wear. I’m good with brake work, just want to make sure it’s not something more insidious.

That’s a good one. I ought to by these in bulk to save annual trips to the parts store.