2018 Ford Pickup - Warranty issues

I hate to be a complainer but I am trying to get my brakes fixed also. it has been in the shop twice. getting ready to go in a third time. brakes squealing during reverse first thing in the morning. took it in today and the service manager told me they weren’t covered under warranty. the car had 58 miles on it when I bought it. I have had it almost 3 months and 5600 miles on it. he told me to read the warranty information. are you kidding me!!! 3 months old and no warranty??? maybe he should read the warranty! plainly states replace up to 12 months or 18000 miles whichever comes first. maybe a new service manager?

Where are you getting this 12 months or 18000 miles. If this was a new vehicle with only 58 test drive miles on it the warranty should be 36000 miles or 3 years. But brakes are a wear item . Is the first reverse motion the only time they squeal ? That sounds like normal moisture surface rust and many vehicles do that. You can go to another Ford dealer .

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the 12 months or 18000 miles brake pad replacement is in my warranty manual. I understand about normal wear but this car only has 5600 miles n it and 95% of them are highway miles. brakes wont wear out that quickly. as far as rust goes I live in a very dry climate so it should be minimal. and yes, first thing in the morning and after its been driven a couple of miles it will stop. it obviously has been a problem since they have had recalls.

Then you need to talk to the actual service manager and if that does not give satisfaction then use the corporate contact numbers in your owners manual.

You state “they had recalls” please elaborate.
What are the pad thickness? Doubtful they are worn out. My 2013 just had it FIRST set of rear pads replaced at 57,000 miles, front pads are still original.
Otherwise I agree withVOLVO_V70.