Rattling sound from Camry 99


I have a 99 Toyota Camry V6. I replaced all 4 struts and the right side strut was replaced with a Monroe Quick Strut (Mount, spring a strut as a single peice). After few months a sound started to come from right side when ever the car went over the bump. I replaced the right sided strut nder warrenty. But after few months a ratteling sound started to come from the same side and the strut was replaced again but the sound was still there. The sound was load. I took the car to Belle tires and according to them it might be from the strut mount or from the swaybar link. I changed the swaybar link and the strut too BUT THE SOUND WAS STILL THERE. I took the car to another mechanic and he said the same thing, IT IS THE STRUT. I gave up. I drove the car with the sound coming for few months but it was too annoying. I’m sure it can be heard aoutside the car also. I called the Monroe warrenty and exchange dept. and ask for the money back as their part was not working but they said get is exchange under warrenty. And today I replaced the strut again (Quick Strut). BUT THE SOUND IS STILL THERE. I checked everything and it seems tight. I don’t know what to do. With these strut replacement I think it is not the strut that is making the sound, but can’t figure out where is the sound coming from? Need help, PLEASE share some advise. Thanks.


I think it’s a very technical question and needs an expert to answer. Is there a true mechanic out there?


Believe it or not, this is common. I’m not sure exactly how to fix it, but it has to do with the upper strut mount, I think. My mother’s '99 Camry does exactly the same thing, and I’ve read other posts here about this problem.


Thanks for the reply. But what are my options here. If I go for a genuine parts for the dealer it will cost me $500 while I get the new strut yesterday for free as a warrenty replacement. What I did this time that, there is a curve metal plate where the mount bolts come out, I place that first on the strut and then place it under the body because what I noticed that after tightening the upper part of the strut to car body the strut doesn’t hang straight but I have to push a bit inside for the hub to get in place. I thought that might be putting some stress on the mount itself. The sound is low but still there. I’m thinking to buy a used strut mount and replace it with the Monroe’s. What you say??


The odds of getting that many bad struts in a row is near zero. Someone is missing something.
What I would seriously consider looking at is the lower ball joint first followed by (in order) a worn/loose inner tie rod or tie rod end. Any of those can cause a rattle in the front that will resemble a bad strut and they’re all easy to check.

The lower ball joint is also a very serious safety issue and should not be ignored.

Also, if you were driving around for a while with weak struts keep in mind that things like ball joints, tie rods, stabilizer links, etc. can be beaten to death prematurely by bad struts.


This model is notorious for bad strut mounts, which is different than the strut. Has that been changed? In a similar case if we let the car sit under the sun the noise would almost disappear not sure why.


This model is notorious for bad strut mounts, which is different than the strut.

That’s the first thing I thought of. But then the OP states the strut was replaced with a quick strut. Doesn’t the quick strut include the mount?


Somebody has to check a catalytic converter shield or any other rattling sheet metal.


Yep, the Quick Strut includes the upper mount. The problem is elsewhere.