Sound from front right side on Camry 99

I have Camry 99, V6 and experiencing some wierd problem. It is the ratteling sound that comes from the right front suspension. I replaced the strut, mount and even the swaybar link but not able to cure the sound. I replaced the mount several times and this time I bought the geniune mount from toyota dealer but the sound is still there. The interesting thing is that the sound doesn’t come if it is warm in the morning, like in 80s but if the temperature is in between 65 and 75 or lower the sound is also there. If the temp is in 70s the sound is like a fine rattle and if the temp is in 60s the sound is louder. I checked teh suspension and everything seems tight to me but I can’t figure out the source of the sound. If anyone has the answer to this problem I’ll truly appreciate?

I had a similar problem with an Avalon of that generation and it turned out to be the strut mount. I know you say you have changed it, but is this for sure? The reason I ask is that in my case when I would park the car under the sun and no noise, then in the covered parking and boom, lots of noise in the morning. Now when I asked the mounts to be changed most mechs argued that the mount is not the culprit. I stood there and made sure they changed it and the noise was gone.

But I changed the mounts atleast 5 times and all by myself. I still have the Monroe mount that I took off the car and used for only 2 months. And the last one is the genuine mount I replaced.