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Front strut rattle


I have Camry 99 V6 and I replaced all 4 struts, but the right side started to make rattling noise. I replaced the mount bought from Monroe but the noise was still there. I replaced that side with a Monroe Quick Strut but rattle didn’t go away. I then replaced the mount bought from Toyota Dealer and finally there was not sound. But after 6 months there started a thud on the same side which has grown to light rattle over bumps. Also when I push down that side of the car I can hear clicks. Do I have to replace the spring seat too and strut mount again or if there is anything else needed to be done? Thanks.

I really think have different struts (or tyres) on left and right side is a poor idea. They should match as they should match left of right in the back.

In your case I would guess there is something going on there and it may be frame work. Find a really good shop, ideally one that does frame work, and have them check it out.

All Struts are new and all 2 tires are new. When I disassemble the right strut I interchange the right mount with the left mount and the sound shifted from right to left, So it’s not the frame.