Camry Strut Replacement


I have a 2000 Camry with a rattle in the Driver side strut. I plan to replace it one of these Quick Struts with the Spring and Strut together. Should both driver and passenger side units be replaced, instead of just the one side. Thanks C


Yes, struts should always be replaced as a a pair.
However, before buying struts you should inspect the suspension thoroughly as a rattle may often be caused by something other than a strut; ball joint, stabilizer bar end link, etc.
Sometimes, even something like a loose inner fender can cause a rattle.


I recently replaced front and rear struts on a friend’s 97 Camry. It had over 160,000 miles and they needed replacing. He also had a rattle that would appear on bumpy or rough roads. It turned out to be a worn lower rubber insulator on the front struts. It is what the lower part of the spring sits on. It had worn through so that there was metal to metal contact when the spring was compressed slightly.

This may or may not be your problem. I only mention it as a possibility but you won’t know until you disassemble the strut assembly.


Appreciate the response… I thought replacing both was correct…I have check most everything on the front end… plus had a shop tell me it was the strut assembly… so I hope it is,