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Front end rattle

My 1998 V6 Camry has rattle on right front and now starting on left too. Bad shocks were replaced and still rattles going over bumps at speeds 20-35. Don’t notice on freeway. Car drives fine, no pulling or other problems just irrating noise at slower speeds. Two different mechanics say the Strut mount plate is loose. Could not find any other problems? Is it okay to leave the mount plates in place? Mechanics say other than annoying there isn’t a problem.

You don’t have shocks in the front. You have struts. And if the struts were replaced then you should have exactly zero issues with the strut mounts. I would take it back to the place that did the struts. If they would want to charge you all over again to fix the mounts then I would ask them why they didn’t inspect/discuss the really old (and high mileage - ? - you never said) strut mounts with you when they replaced the struts. These aren’t two different mechanics at the same shop are they? Maybe you want yet another opinion.

Mileage is only 59482 and the mechanics are frm two different shops. I’m still investigating the problem.

It’s a long shot but check the hood hinge bolts. A few years back my 2000 Blazer developed a horrendous front end rattle. Over time the hinge bolts had enlarged the holes in the hood hinge brackets. Tightening the hinge bolts temporarily stopped the rattle, but the proper fix was to install tapered washers on the bolt.

Ed B.

Assuming the two different mechanics at two different shops each looked at the problem, I’m highly flattered that you would trust us, who cannot see or touch the parts, over the two mechanics.

I agree with Cig that they should have looked at the mounts when changing the struts…however they would not be the first to slap on some new struts and align the car without doing so.

Ed made a good point too that noises can come from seemingly nowhere. I had a slight “resonant frequency” sound that occured whenever I had the brakes on, the tranny in D, and the engine was cold (running high). I searched and searched. Then, while looking around the underhood area when I had it open to check my oil (looking around is a habit of mine) I discovered that one of the plastic buttons holding the hood lining had fallen off. I replaced it from my button supply. The noise disappeared. The sound was the hood insulator slapping the underside of the hood.

The twpo mechanics are probably correct. But don’t underestimate the value of opening your mind and looking everywhere.

Many thanks to those of you who replied! I will talk to the mechanics to find out why the mounts were’nt replaced at the same time as the struts. I don’t think the hood hinge is loose; but will hve it checked out.