Rattling sound

I have a 99 Toyota Camry V6. I replaced all the struts and the right side strut was replaced with a Monroe Quick Strut (Mount, spring a strut as a single peice). After few months a sound started to appear from that ride side when ever the car went over the bump and aslo while turning the steering to the right there was also a sound like spring moving over the rubber packing. I replaced it under warrenty. But after few months a ratteling sound started to come from the same side and the strut was replaced again but the sound was still there. The sound was load. I took the car to Belle tires and according to them it can be from the strut mount or from the swaybar link. I changed the swaybar link and the strut too BUT THE SOUND WAS STILL THERE. I took the car to another mechanic and he said the same thing, IT IS THE STRUT. I gave up. I was driving the car with THAT sound coming for few months but it is too annoying. I’m sure it can be heard aoutside the car also. I called thr Monroe warrenty and exchange dept. and ask for the money back as their part was not working but they said get is exchange under warrenty. And today I replaced the strut again (Quick Strut). BUT THE SOUND IS STILL THERE. I chacked everything and it seems tight and nothing loose. I don’t know what to do. Need you help, PLEASE.

One more thing, surperisingly 2 weeks ago while driving on the brocken/bumpy road there was no sound at all but the next day it came back.