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Ran over curb, now tire area makes noise. HELP!

Hi. I ran over a curb with my front passenger tire yesterday while pulling in to a parking spot.
Today I have a slight whirring/humming noise when driving (it increases a little when accelerating) and it sounds like the front passenger side vibrates when I turn right and also when I break.
Any ideas on what it could be and what the cost might be? Do you think I can drive with it for a few days? I don’t have any money to fix it until I get paid.

I have to drive about 20 miles each way for work

Since the sound seems to be related to the speed of the wheel turning… it could be a plastic panel that’s come loose around the wheel. Check that first; you can probably fix that yourself.

Otherwise, take the car to a mechanic. You don’t want to drag out front end noises, especially after hitting a curb.

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I think it’s a bad idea to keep driving this car without having it checked out. If you’ve damaged a wheel bearing, for example, that could be dangerous.


… or it could easily be a damaged wheel bearing, or–perhaps–even a failing CV joint.

Then you can’t afford to have a wheel fall off in the worst possible place for that to happen . Sorry , but this is a use your credit card or ask help from a friend or relative situation .
no one can say if you can go 1 mile or 100 miles without actually seeing the vehicle.