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Hit a curb with right-front wheel


i hit a curb the other night with my front right tire, i was going about 5 or 10 MPH and apparently nothing happend. I drove it the day after and i heard a grinding noise coming fron the right front wheel, it sounds almost like a really loud tire. Now, i took it to the mechanic and he said that everything looks good, nothing is bent, but i still hear that noise and it gets louder when i go about 55 MPH and also when i turn slightly left. No one appears to know what the problem is and i’m getting worried. I drive a 2006 Infiniti G35x. If someone could help me, i would really appreciate it. I also switched the wheel, which seems fine but still hear that noise

Did you drive up over the curb, or hit it while sliding sideways? Did the mechanic take it for a test drive?

You need to get someone else to look at this car and preferably put it on the alignment rack for starters.
A 5 to 10 MPH impact is a severe one and at a minimum can bend a wheel rim, hub, and control arm.

As to the grinding, without car in hand I have no idea. A suspect could be a bent brake rotor shield which is rubbing slightly on the brake rotor. If this is the case it’s not harmful but more irritating than anything else.
Even if that were the problem, you likely still have an issue about damaged suspension parts and this may not be noticable to the naked eye at all.

There is a thin metal splash shield behind the brake rotor. That might be rubbing against the rotating brake rotor and making that sound. When that happens, it can make a hellacious noise. The shield is easily bent away, bend it 1/8 inch, from the rotor.

If your problem isn’t anything simple like the splash shield that can be seen by removing the tire, then I’m guessing it is a wheel bearing damaged inside the hub.

ok, well i took it to the mechanic and he drove it, he did tell me that he heard something so he checked all the suspension and everything else but he said nothing was wrong and he rotated the wheels. So according to him, it stopped the noise a little. But it hasn’t… i am taking the car to another mechanic wednesday. i hope it is just the rotor shield, since the mechanic said there was nothing bent or broken. when i hit the curb i just bounced back and kept driving, it was snowing btw. and the wheel did not bend, just got scratched. oh and the car drives fine, no shaking or pulling to the side at all. Someone told me that it could be the CV joint, could that be right?.

A CV joint will seldom ever grind but a transmission problem caused by hard hit to the wheel and halfshaft might.

The fact this guy cannot physically see a problem with the car and the fact that it apparently drives fine with no shake does not mean for one second that a problem, or several of them, does not exist.
In weeks, months, or even a year or so something nasty may rear up so it’s best to make sure a serious problem does not exist now. The human eye can only get so close.

oh man, i will definitely take it to another mechanic, and hopefully he will find the exact problem. now i have an idea of what to expect. Thank you all so much for the help!