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I hit a curb in my 97 corolla now it’s making a noise in the front driver side wheel well driving down the road any idea what it is and how much it’s gonna cost

I have no idea until someone has a chance to look at it and figure all the damage. If the car us pulling to one side as you drive, STOP DRIVING IT. Your suspension is definitely damaged.

Thanks man

Did you hit the curb with the left front? If you did the wheel bearing is most likely damaged, as said above you may also have suspension damage.

Can you describe the noise?

If you feel lucky, the damage might just be the plastic under-engine windscreen has broken loose and just needs to be re-attached. In any event, as posted above, a visual inspection is required.

I’m 100% with bustedknuckles on this one. It could be as simple as a plastic fender lining, but it could also be a damaged ball joint ready to come apart at the next bump. If that happens, and you’re lucky enough not to end up dead, the price of the repair will skyrocket when the wheel folds up under the car.

DO NOT consider this car drivable until you find out what’s wrong.