Car over curb noise

I ran over a curb and now it makes a weird sound when I’m in drive. It also rattled, at one point. Will it be ok till payday? thank you for responding.

Without seeing any of the damage it’s impossible to say for sure. Can you post some pictures of the damage?

It looks fine underneath, but makes a sound…only in drive.

Does it make this sound when you’re stopped in Drive or only when you’re actually moving? Does the sound change when you speed up or turn the steering wheel either direction?

Really mostly just when stopped.

I actually don’t take this poster seriously either but back when it was my job to find out what was wrong with someones car (service manager in a transmission shop) the word I hated most was “weird”.

Now he said it makes this wierd sound when it’s not moving. I doubt it but…

What does it sound like and where does it come from. Does it still make it if you put it in neutral?

I’m not joking. It only makes a clicking, clanking sound in drive, stopped or running, since it sounded like something clanked, possibly to the point of falling off, when I was on the interstate. It’s in front.

One common malady from running over a curb is damage to the under-engine wind-screen. That’s usually looks like a sort of a black plastic shield attached to the under-body of the car, underneath the front of the engine area. If it gets damaged it can interfere w/something rotating in the engine compartment, or with one of the wheels.

A curb strike can often damage a steering or suspension component so it should all be inspected for damage.

Damage to a heat shield on the exhaust is commong with some hits but your description stating a clank sound is odd. Clanks makes on start thinking serious…

After sitting parked for some hours, the sound went away. I swear it. That makes me nervous. I think something did drop off. The tranny isn’t what it used to be, but it seems ok besides.