Car has light grind only when turning right after hitting curb

I recently accidentally drove my Camry into curb in a parking lot. It was only a light, but since then I’ve noticed a grind sound ONLY when turning right. Everything else seems fine. I looked under the car and saw the black plastic casing under the car is cracked and it looks like it might be grinding against the left tire, which could cause that noise. I’ve also heard it could be a bearing, but would that suddently happen immediately after an encounter with a curb?

I do plan on taking it to the shop, but I have to wait at least a week until I get paid. I’m guessing that should be okay…any advise is appreciated.

What if you turn the steering wheel all the way to the right with the car sitting at idle in the driveway. Does either of the front wheels come close or hit that plastic wind-screen thing?

You may have knocked the fender shroud loose and now it’s rubbing against the tire when turning.

But take it in as soon as possible. Because we can’t see what’s actually rubbing against the tire.


Have it checked ASAP. Even of it’s only he wheel well liner, if it’s rubbing on the tire when turning enough to hear from the driver’s seat, it may be rubbing all the time… and it could wear a hole in the tire.

Besides, the noise might NOT be coming from where you think it is.

Even a light tap can bend something in the suspension and knock it out of alignment. That’s something to consider even if the grinding turns out to be something minor.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely planning to take it in. As a short term fix I might remove that bent portion of the liner. Fortunately I don’t have to drive it too far for work so that’s good. Out of curiosity, what’s a reasonable estimate for getting something like that fixed…the suspension issue that is.

Depends on what they find. Figure whatever they find plus $100 for diagnosis and another $100 for an alignment. You should have the alignment no matter what they find.

The car’s mass and suspension somewhat isolate the driver to the actual forces involved. What can feel like a light tap to the person in the driver’s seat can actually be a pretty significant impact to the parts under stress…

If you would witness what my wife has slammed with Her Civic,you would probaly appreciate how robust the front suspension really is,its probaly nothing,but take it in anyway,a lot of times people become acutely aware of little noises after they noticed they did something and that little piece of plastic can make a lot of racket,its up to you.