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2013 Honda Civic making strange noise after hitting a curb

So due to the icy road conditions, I swerved into a curb hitting the front passenger wheel going about 15-20 km/hr. Had a wheel alignment done and they said there are no bent parts other than a dent on the rim itself, but I’m hearing this strange rattling/drilling sound every time I decelerate. I’ve recorded the sound and I’m hoping someone can help me pinpoint the problem I’m having before taking it to the dealership. It sounds like I may have damaged the wheel bearing or CV joint?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


My first guess would be a wheel bearing.

+1 to the preceding comment, but I want to add that a failing/damaged wheel bearing is a potential safety issue.

A quick check for the CV joint being the cause, listen carefully as you accelerate from a stop while turning. Like when turning after a stop light or stop sign. Hear any clicking sounds? Not a sure-fire test for a failing CV joint, but better than doing nothing, an artful guess at least.

Here’s a nother idea, a wild guess. You might have an object stuckin the wheel.

Think the announcer voice on The Price Is Right for all comments below:

Yes SIR…You are the NEXT CONTESTANT FOR A BRAND NEW WHEEL BEARING…YES a new wheel bearing! Your old bearing has been massively assaulted in a lateral manner for which it was not designed!..Yes not designed!!..and now it is shot!!! As a BONUS…you should also have the other side done as well while you are at it ! Our technicians have listened to your video and it is TEXTBOOK bearing noise…Yes Textbook! If and when you get this particular wheel bearing replaced…your problem sound will be OVER !!! There is NO doubt about it…its the bearing!

When you receive your new wheel bearing, you will enjoy long quiet rides free from Moaning, Groaning, Grinding and other foul sounds emanating from that side of the car!!!

The rest of our Studio Audience will receive a $50 dollar off coupon at the garage of their choice!! We encourage all to drive safely and not…NOT hit curbs in a lateral or otherwise detrimental manner…Its good for YOU…its Good for US…its Better for your Car !

P.S…No question…the bearing is shot accelerated failure caused by the sudden shock of lateral forces beyond its design limits… Happens all the time to be honest.


Thank you all for the responses. Very much appreciated!

I have an appointment to have this checked and replaced, will update this once it goes through.

swerve is a good word. to abruptly change direction or course. i rarely do that