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I changed the battery on my car. I lost the remote to stop the alarm so a guy disconnected the security alarm system and wired it up so I could start it. I put in the code to get the radio to work but it won’t come on.

I took it to a car stereo installation place and the guy said if the radio won’t take the code then it is broken and I need a new radio.

Is this the case or is there some kind of fix?

Thanks, eighth88

It’s not clear from your post whether your car has a factory alarm or one that was added after the fact. My guess is that it is an aftermarket alarm and you are better off with it disconnected. If it is a Honda radio, have you used the code successfully before? If you are not sure if the code you have is correct you can have any Honda dealer look up the correct code using the serial number from the radio. You may have to remove it to write down the number. Did you try to enter it more than 3 times? Honda radios have a lock out function that will not allow the radio to accept codes for several hours if incorrect codes have been entered too many times. You can reset this function by removing the battery cables from the battery and touching them together for about 10 seconds but you will also erase all of the other memories in the car. Alternatively you can leave the radio on even though it just says “code” for several hours and then try to enter the code again.

If you have replaced the radio in your car of course none of this will be very helpful. As with aftermarket alarm systems it is often difficult to get good information after a few years have gone by.