Honda radio reset code



I bought a used '98 Honda CRV. The dealer did not come through with the promised manual(surprise!) and I no longer live in the same country. When the battery was replaced the anti-theft kicked in and there is ERR-3 on the radio display. There is a sticker in the glove box with a letter and 7 numbers 2 of which are higher than the 6 buttons on the radio. Is this the code I need and if so how do I use it? I sure would like to hear some music on the road. Thanks for any help.


I think this is the code you need. Is there a dealer near you? They can tell you how to fix the radio. If not, post here and I will go through my owners manual to see if it gives instructions.


No, it should be a 4 (maybe 5, I forget) digit code. Go to and sign up for owner’s link. Once you put in your vin it will list your code.



I thought that getting the radio code from sounded too good to be true, and it is! IF you have previously gone there registered, and left your radio code, you can go back and retrieve your radio code. That’s very helpful??
Here is a way that I have used to get my lost radio code, and it does work: at the top of this page, click on the red banner on Search. In the search block, put: need radio code for honda. This won’t be the code, it’ll be how. You could consider getting Bestbuy store to install a new radio/cd player (one without a security code to get lost).


Interesting, I never had to put my codes in, they just came up.



If you could be a lot more specific on how the site is navigated to get the radio code, for a car which has never been registerd with the site, it would help much. Do you know that the previous owner hadn’t registered the car with hondacars?


Both cars were bought new by me. I wouldn’t say for certain on the first one (bought in 2000), but my Ody is an 05 and I was surprised that the code was listed.