Radio code Honda accord 2005

Hi! So I have a sedan Honda accord 2005. Recently brought to the mechanic and got work done and the Radio was disconnected and reconnected. I put in the radio code it worked and then two minutes later asked for the radio code again!! Has been doing this since Thursday :frowning: super frustrating I checked to see if the battery cables were loose or anything they’re not. What do I do??

Check these fuses. It’s possible one of them is blown.

Does the car’s owner’s manual offer-up any helpful ideas?

Wouldn’t life be just super-duper if you didn’t have to worry about your car’s radio being stolen? … lol … Not gonna happen. I see desperate looking folks running through my neighborhood with car stereos under their arms, cables dangling, late at night on a not-infrequent basis.

George, maybe you need to move to a better neighborhood?

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I have the feeling this occurs in most neighborhoods in America. Or at least in urban areas of Calif. Just not noticed (other than by the victim) b/c it’s occurring at 2 to 3 am.