Retrieve radio code

Dear Car Talk Member

I have replaced my car battery after replacing I notice that I cannot listen to audio system from the car when I am turning the power on it is asking me for the code

Can you please retrieve the code from your system and can you provide me with details

Below are the details

Radio Serial# U3005 L3528

Waiting for your earliest reply


I strongly suggest that you delete the VIN from your post.
And, a phone call to the service department of a dealer that sells your brand of mystery vehicle will probably yield the best answer for you.

i am currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and i have tried using many options but i couldn’t get the code

VIN number is incorrect, check it again. Edit, although if it was manufactured and sold outside the US, then it may be ok.

But you should not display your VIN number on the internet.

What is the brand, model, year of the car and of the radio?

edit, further research indicates this is a Honda, manufactured in Japan

I removed the VIN from your post, @mjafzal.

Did you contact your dealer? If not, why not?

The radio code should be in a card in the folder that the owner’s manual came in.

If it’s not, call a Honda dealership and give them the VIN - they should have a record of your code.

Go to the web site for your auto manufacturer. And look around there. I know that Honda offers specific instructions for entering the radio code.


Here’s a trick that works on some Hondas . . .

Fold down the glove box door all the way, as if you’re planning to replace the cabin air filter

If you’re lucky, there will be a sticker with the radio code, on the side of the glove box door. Usually the left side, if at all

Needless to say, if I’m right, and the code works, IMMEDIATELY write it in your owner’s manual, preferably on the very first page, so that you won’t have this problem again

Not to be a pessimist, but there are certain dealers and/or manufactures out there, who will only provide your radio code for a fee