Radio code needed for '98 Accord

Replaced battery in daughter’s '98 Accord, expecting to find the radio code in (surprise) lost owner’s manual. The sticker is missing from the glove compartment where I expected to find it. It’s a used car, she’s not in the Honda data base. Can the radio code be sussed out for free from the VIN, or other existing info? Got a lead for me?

See your friendly Honda Dealer and bring your wallet. The code will likely cost more than the battery…

If you have the serial number from the radio, a Honda dealer can give you the code. I needed the radio codes a couple of times. I removed the radio to get the serial number. I called several Honda service departments until I got one which would give me the code, over the telephone, when I told them the serial number.
If you don’t have the radio serial number, Honda dealer will want to remove the radio, read the serial, reinstall the radio, and charge you for the labor to do so. At the rate of one hour labor charge (even if it only takes 20 minuets…) = $$
Look for a sticker stuck to the inside of the glove box. It will have the radio serial number.
Also, read these peoples solutions:

Click on the link and follow the directions.

“It’s a used car, she’s not in the Honda data base.”

Sorry, no code for you…If dealers will give codes out over the phone, what is the purpose of having anti-theft codes to begin with?? And along those lines, who would want to steal a Honda car radio?