Radar damaged

All my sensors on the dash won’t go off. I did pull up To a parking block a while back and heard something underneath the front seem like it pulled. Well the HONDA dealer said I damaged the radar with the bracket and it would be $1300. WTF…lol. Well I brought it to this HOMDA SPECIALIST mechanic amd he said the same thing . I did not tell him what HONDA said. He suggested I look for a used one. Anyone know where I could find one used! Really don’t have the cash to spend on that right now. Thanks a lot


Wrecking yards around the country list parts there. I suggest you get help with the list of parts you need, it isn’t just “the radar with the bracket” Look on the estimate “Homda” gave you for the numbers and proper description of the parts.

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It is possible that your insurance might help with the cost if you have full coverage . Ask the agent , the worst is that it is not . If it is then you will only pay your deductable.

Edit: Is this the same vehicle you damaged back in Dec. 2021 ? Did you not fix it or damage it again ?

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Here are three on-line web sites that sell used auto parts. Some have associated businesses all over the country so you might find one close to your location. I found these by Googling “used auto parts on line.” I do not know these business, I do not have any association with them, nor am I recommending them. I am just providing the links so that you might at least find a price… You can also use the same criteria as I did and find your own sources…

Good Luck!


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There aren’t many “dash sensors”, I suspect there are specific warning messages and warning lights illuminated.
The milliwave radar unit is expensive and must be calibrated during install. The park assist system is not as complicated.

This is the same car and the same damage back in 21’. Just never had it looked at

Good Grief ! Now you have probably lost any chance for insurance help .


These are expensive, and unfortunately often hard to find with the current chip shortage. In the current environment, you may struggle to find a used one for a significant savings.

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Since this is a safety feature, are used ones allowed to be sold? I hope they are, but it might be worth checking when looking at the scrap yard.

No experience w/this problem, but wonder if a work-a-round is possible? Something that would disable radar related functionality, end the dash warnings, but otherwise the car remains a safe & drivable (albeit non-radar-equipped) vehicle. A dealership shop might have some ideas.

OP, after the radar gadget is replaced at some point in the future, suggest to ask your shop show you where it is located, then you’ll know what sort of parking-curb situations to avoid.

The car is safe and driveable in the current condition. The warning lights are there to alert the driver to a fault in the driver support system. There’s no need to disable the warning lights, they do not impair any functionality.

The way to get the warning lights off is to repair the vehicle.

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Normally, they are located in the center, just above or just below the front bumper.
The Accord radar sensor is located below the bumper. By contrast, the Ridgeline’s sensor is in the middle of the grille:

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