Mercedes 2016 e-250 emblem on the front grille

Hi, My Mercedes E-250 was in an accident from the previous owner and the grille in front was a bit damaged, mostly cosmetic. We recently came back from the dealer, and on the way back, on the freeway, there was a strange sound which we now think was the metal emblem in front failing off, perhaps as a consequence of some maintenance they had to do. Well, so we do not quite like that hole and were looking at what we could do about it. On Ebay, there seems to be a replacement:

which is probably fine, but I was also looking at Mercedes parts. Here it seems as looking at the figure that there are three parts (including the housing). There is the emblem base plate in between the grille emblem and the support (housing). Does anyone know if this is true? Unfortunately, we have no way of finding if there were two parts that fell out or one, and so I am trying to figure this out post mortem.

Here are the three parts on the Mercedes website:

[000-817-10-16 - Grille Emblem 2012-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts xJmw9NSZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D](000-817-10-16 - Grille Emblem 2012-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts xJmw9NSZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D)

[ [164-888-04-11 - Emblem Base Plate 2006-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts =bT0xJmw9MiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D]( 164-888-04-11 - Emblem Base Plate 2006-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts =bT0xJmw9MiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D)]( [164-888-04-11 - Emblem Base Plate 2006-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts =bT0xJmw9MiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D]( 164-888-04-11 - Emblem Base Plate 2006-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts =bT0xJmw9MiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D))

[218-888-00-60 - Emblem Support 2012-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts 0xJmw9NiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3Rz](218-888-00-60 - Emblem Support 2012-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts 0xJmw9NiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3Rz)

I am tempted to try out the aftermarket part, but I thought that I would ask. Because it is cosmetic, this would be an ideal part to find from a junkyard, but I tried enquiring here a few weeks ago and did not have much luck.

Thanks in advance for any pointers on this. I very much appreciate that this is not a very weighty question for this group here.

Mercedes Benz Grill Emblem Removal A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLS, CLA - YouTube

It looks like 2 pieces. aftermarket should work fine. if not, you can always return it.

Thank you. Interesting, the video does not match the emblem plate for the 2016 E250, however. The only concern I have with the aftermarker part is that it appears to be plastic, and not metal. But, oh, well.

I was going to say to visit the dealer with $50 but more like $500. You are just going to have to look at the grill and see what is there but more than likely it is all gone plus the grill is likely damaged so you need the grill too.

OP could take a look at this website, maybe there’s one of these same vehicles, wrecked, just sitting on their local lot , the part needed waiting to be given a new home.

Thanks very much for this site. It does not have what I am looking for, but this site is a good resource to know.

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Yes, there is that possibility, but the fins which the emblem attaches to look OK.

Hi, I asked the following poster about his product on Ebay:

So, I asked him/her why the last seven digits of two of the parts match, and what is means that there may be a third part from the Mercedes parts website. because the part numbers are given as: 000-817-10-16, 218-888-00-60, and 164-888-04-11, but the last seven digits match the numbers for two of them. So I asked to make sure that these parts form the emblem base plate as well as the emblem support.

His/her response was: “the last part number you sent is for a radar emblem, these are not radar emblems.” What is a radar emblem? How can I tell if this is what I need? The picture looks exactly like what used to be, since I do have the emblem baseplate or whatever remains of it.

Why not go to the dealer parts counter and get the correct part and be done with it ?

good question, unfortunately, the dealer is a good distance away, from where we live.

Here you go:

Thanks! This is helpful. According to that site, the Ebay parts A0008171016 fits the 2016 E250 but not part A0008880060, which I do not quite understand (given that it is the emblem’s base plate). Also, I read up on radar emblems, and it seems that it catches stuff on the radar: so, if that third part used to be there and had gone missing, would I not have noticed something, like no warning for object that is close to the front of the car, which still shows up. Also, the car is usually full of notifications but we don’t seem to have got anything about any part missing. I wonder if there are some Mercedes with a different configuration for this radar emblem. Thanks very much!

Vehicles equipped with a radar sensor used with cruise control and collision avoidances systems have a special emblem, more of a “window”. It can’t contain anything that would interfere with the performance of the radar sensor.

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Thank you. I think that the seller made a mistake since the radar sensor is located somewhere else. Or s/he means something else by the term “radar emblem.”

Nevada is rarely wrong so double check.

You may need to remove a panel to see the radar sensor, it is mounted behind the grill.

This is an example (not Mercedes).

Oh, no, I was not saying the Nevada was wrong. I thought that the seller on Ebay may have made a mistake in saying that the part: [164-888-04-11 - Emblem Base Plate 2006-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts =bT0xJmw9MiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D](164-888-04-11 - Emblem Base Plate 2006-2020 Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz USA Parts =bT0xJmw9MiZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3RzJms9MQ%3D%3D) was a radar emblem part, since it is missing and no notification, nothing, and I do get collision avoidance warnings as before. Thanks, I will likely order from the site that @VDCdriver provded.