2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Sensors - HELP

So all my sensor lights are on on my dash and they came on after I slightly pulled away from one of those concrete parking blocks that your front tires top against. So when I plled away that thick black plastic “protection shield” under the front of the car got ripped down a little. so now it’s hanging. I guess that also affected the sensors.

I brought it to honda to look at and he said the sensors were damaged and it would be about $3k. I just have a feeling the sensors are not damaged. Eveything looks fine under there.I just drove my car up on ramp and see how I can re-attached the protective undercarriage shield but I can’t locate the sensors to check conditon.

  1. Does anyone know were these are located?
  2. How can I reset the dashboard sensors? Is there a way?

Thank you very much. Wish I could attach pics.

you better figure out how to attach pictures or you will not be likely to get much help with so little details

unless you requested the paper user manual for your Honda explicitly within the first year, you unlikely to have in in you glove box… at least go online to the owners site and tell us which particular lights are lit ?

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Call your insurance carrier as you should have full coverage and the repair might be covered .


Even if you don’t have full coverage, your insurer will likely explain the location of the sensors to you and what they estimate for repairs. Give them a call and see.

There is no way to just look at the sensors and see if they are in alignment.

A DIYer is not going to be able to calibrate the sensors. Welcome to modern cars with gizmos.

Use your insurance.