2021 Honda Odyssey- Radar on the blink

The all radar system isn’t working from one minute to the other

is this a flying car? or are you talking about GPS?

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Check the last four letters of the OP’s username. :laughing: Sorry resistanse level is low today. :laughing:

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These vague posts on this Ask Anyone site can be really irritating. I guess the person is complaining about the Blind Spot feature - or the Distance maintaining cruise control or who knows . If this really is a 2021 then off to the dealer you go .


The Collision Mitigation Braking System and the adaptive cruise control rely on the radar sensor for operation. Located behind the grill it can be vulnerable to damage or misalignment from impact.

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As a 2021 it should still be under warranty. How does the dealership explain the situation?

Does the OP really consider himself capable of repairing this high-tech problem?
Why would someone NOT go to a dealership for a free repair on this fully-warrantied car?

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I think this is another of those posts to the Car Complaints web site and should stay there if that is what it is.

big hassle to go to dealer they dont provide loaner for the meantime

Then what do you expect us to do if you won’t go to the dealer? It will be covered under warranty.

This is not a Do it Yourself type of repair . And still don’t know what your problem is.


Should be able to repair in one day.

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I agree about the ambiguity and lack of pertinent information in the post, but clearly the OP isn’t talking about GPS or airplanes. He/she is having trouble with the driver assist system, which should be under warranty.

+1 on all points, but the OP doesn’t want to go to the dealership, which leaves the question of how he expects to resolve the problem.

Are you sure?
That is really the exception to the rule nowadays–at least in my neck of the woods.
Even for non-warranty-related issues, my dealership provides a free loaner for any maintenance/repairs that are more extensive than just an oil change.

And, it is entirely possible that simply downloading a software update might resolve the problem, so–more than likely–this wouldn’t necessitate a long wait in the service department.

Honda will end production of Japan built odyssey in 2022 to transition to zero emission cars by 2040. No awd, no hybrid. Maybe they don’t like minivans.

Another type of vehicle not selling in large enough numbers to justify production.

If you can find the radar transmitter/receiver unit, check to make sure the wires remain connected, not frayed etc, and it hasn’t been displaced from where it should be mounted. It’s going to be very sensitive to where it is mounted, and its orientation. A friend of mine has one of these on a recent year Corolla, so I was curious what it looked like. I was never able to find it.

I’m not entirely familiar with all the systems but I believe Toyota uses a camera instead of radar. But it should be integral to the grille badge if I recall. One more reason to avoid a fender bender.

And possibly void the warranty and cost hundreds of dollars to repair . What ever system is not doing what the person thinks it should do.