R.I.P. Tom Magliozzi

I felt it appropriate to offer my best to Tom Magliozzi’s family. Tom passed away today, Monday, November 3, 2014 at the age of 77. The industry he and Ray founded, including this very site, have brought joy and help to many.

Rest In Peace Tom Magliozzi.

Yes, plus 1. A moment of silence for our lost brother. He will be missed and has helped us all.

RIP Tom. Hope your next journey is as happy and fun.

Like Carson, Jim Henson, Robin Williams, we lost yet another American icon today … Sniff …
RIP Tom …

RIP; they made us laugh, we still have the re-runs to listen to. Too early to go. In hindsight I assume his ailment was why the show ended.

All I can say is that’s a ---- shame.

I cannot begin to express the sadness my family and I are feeling this morning. Tom and Ray have made us laugh for so many years and been our dear companions on many a family road trip. Their camaraderie and brotherhood far outweighed their expert advice on automobiles and life, although they were brilliant on both. We were blessed to be welcomed into their lives. We shed a warm tear for you this morning, Tom, and will miss you dearly.

+1 for all of you. Yesterday…I was sad…today…I am sadder.

Many a Saturday morning over the years was spent washing my cars and listening to Tom & Ray. If it was too cold to wash cars, maybe I puttered in the garage, just to hear the banter, advice and humor of these two loveable clowns. They gained much love and respect over the years and thankfully we can still hear Tom’s wonderful laugh and wisdom through the rebroadcasts!

This site must have been as overwhelmed as it was impossible to log on. Condolences to all of Tom’s family as well as his fans. Tom and Ray changed how many people look at cars and car repairs, not a a stressful chore but as a humorous part of life. We missed Tom after the end of the show, we’ll miss him more now that he is gone. Rest in Peace, Tom.

My condolences to the Magliozzi’s. The CBS Morning News gave him quite a tribute this morning, more than most “celebrities” get. I was glad to see that he got the credit he deserved.

@keith‌ A great tribute indeed:


Was very sad to hear of his passing yesterday. I’ve been listening to those two nuts most of my life - Always made Saturday something to look forward to.

RIP, Tom. And heartfelt thanks to you and Ray for the many hours of joy you’ve brought to us over the years.

Hello , cdaquilla ;
Is it technically possible to combine the many fine tributes and condolences found here in at least five redundant posts ?
Maybe in an ‘‘anouncement’’ type form ?

Thank you Tom for giving me so much joy on Saturday mornings. I hope your family finds solace in knowing what a great guy you were and how much you were loved. Godspeed and, wherever you are, keep laughing.

We are all following Tom to that end and what better way then to walk the same path with good humor and respect he showed on his.

IMHO, a very good way to honor Tom’s memory would be to make a donation to The Alzheimer’s Association in his name.

As a result of my late mother’s bout with that terrible disease, The Alzheimer’s Association has been one of my charities for about 10 years, and it is the source for a huge portion of the funding into researching a cure for this disorder.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some additional money for that effort was donated in Tom’s name?
I think that would have made him laugh.

The Alzheimer’s Association
PO Box 96011
Washington, DC 20090-6011

Ray, Tom’s family and all of the folks at Car Talk: our love and gratitude go to all of you. I could not have imagined that Tom’s passing would hit me so hard. I

Dear Ray:

I listened to your tribute show today. You were very kind to do that for all of us who loved Tommy so much, as we love you and Car Talk. I have never in my life owned a car, and yet I’ve been a dedicated listener for 20+ years. When the guy called in from New Orleans about his bread maker, I knew we were going into very wacky territory. And you guys never failed me. I’m glad you included Tom quoting Dante, in his lovely Italian. Sly, self-deprecating fellows, you are. I laughed 'til I cried at the show today, and then I also just cried.

Condolences to you and your family. Thanks for the laughs. It has been a great gift.

His laughter and zany outlook on life were a comfort and an inspiration. My heartfelt condolences to his family. He’ll be deeply missed.