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Tom Magliozzi passed away today

So sad to hear of Tom’s passing. I did not realize he was sick or that the shows had not been aired live for some time. I hope the show continues on. I loved listening on Saturday mornings when hubby and I were running errands. Tom and Ray had such a great dynamic together.

Oh…it’s nothing…must be some dust in my eyes…

I am so saddened by this news.
While I had no idea that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, perhaps this was the main reason why they gave up doing the radio show together.

The world has lost a gentle, good-natured man who gave all of us a lot of enjoyment.

May he rest in peace.

I was shocked. I mean 77 is older but wow…I learned so much from him. He will be dearly missed…this is such sad news :frowning:

So sad to hear this. :frowning:
I feel like i’ve lost one of my best friends.

There was a nice piece on NPRs 4PM news show this afternoon.Doug Berman was a guest as they payed homage to Tommy.

I saddened to hear the news but thankful for the opportunity to listen to Tommy for so many years. Tom and Black Beauty have been reunited in that great garage in the sky!

So sad to hear the news! It was my great pleasure to listen to Tom and Ray all these years. Tom truly had a zest for life. RIP.

Sorry to hear that. I thought that maybe there was something more to ending the show a few years ago than just wanting to enjoy retirement.

“No Man is an island.,” man oh man we are indeed the lesse,Tom you will be missed,from all your friends,God Bless- Kevin

Thanks for the many years of enjoyable listening. I can hear him say Alzheimer disease, no wonder I couldn’t remember last weeks puzzler.

We will miss you Tom. Your laid back nature and friendly, caring tone always made me feel better. Even when I was laying on a stone driveway fighting a transmission jack in the rocks, when 1pm rolled around and car talk came on, all was right with the world.

I always looked forward to Toms stories and commentary, I am truly saddened, I feel like I lost a friend.

God Bless. The Magliozzi family is in my prayers.

Sincere condolences to all of the family. :frowning:

To honor Tom’s legacy , not let it fade away into the sunset ,
I think Ray should turn the mic on again with , perhaps , celebrity co-hosts who are car-ish enough to impart their…eh-hem ‘‘wisdom’’ ? ( Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Toby kieth etc. )

Now that this news brings the show back into the spotlight, it would be appropriate…hard, but appropriate…to reignite the flame.

I think so, anyway.

RIP Tom. You will indeed be missed. My condolences to Ray, to the rest of his family, and all of his friends.

That is too bad, but I hope that he enjoyed the time since he retired.

I wish the best all of Toms family and friends.

It was always a pleasure to listen to the guys and their laughter was contagious.


Oh, no!

So sorry to hear this. We are so fortunate to have gotten to know him through the show. Thanks for all the laughs Tom - you’re missed!

So sorry to hear of Tom’s passing. Thanks for the years of memories and condolences to the Magliozzi family.

Yes, how about a moment of silence for our lost brother. We gained a lot from him.