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This weekend's show WILL BE A TRIBUTE TO TOM

Someone below suggested it, and now it’s going to happen. I suspect it was in the works before the suggestion was made, but that’s OK. I got a email from Car Talk announcing it a little while ago. I’m sure thousands of others did too, but if you didn’t, here’s your announcement.

He was great I’ll miss him. I listen to the reruns every afternoon on xm radio.

I love this show!!!

Just heard it, great show, everyone be sure to listen this weekend! Lots of the best laughs.

It’s on now but the station reception inside my shop is so poor…that’s why I can never listen .
dang :frowning:
This wall mounted stereo has an antenna wire…if I hold it juuuust right, and stand close to the speakers , I can catch a few words over the shop noise.

I thought today’s program (November 8) was a fine tribute to Tom Magliozzi. I always admired Tom’s free spirit. I have a brother who is much like Tom and my brother and I are quite close as were Tom and Ray. Like Tom Magliozzi, my brother had college degrees, but would not stay in a job he didn’t like. My brother was an English professor, but when a college president told the faculty in a meeting to quit complaining about their salaries as college faculty members were a dime a dozen, my brother wrote out his resignation, took it directly to the president of the university, handed him a dime and said “Go buy a dozen”. My brother then earned a law degree and practiced law with a big law firm handling social security and auto insurance cases. When the law firm took a very large cut of the settlements my brother won, my brother quit, bought a plumbing company and became a plumber. He also plays keyboard in a jazz band. When I read about Tom Magliozzi’s free spirit and doing a job he didn’t like, I realized he was a lot like my brother.
My condolences to Ray and the Magliozzi family.

Ray, what a beautiful tribute to Tom. The opening bit with Tom reading from the onion was classic Tom. You could not have picked a better piece to open the show with. I laughed and cried though the whole show. Tom was a class act and I will dearly miss him.

I am a long haul truck driver and listen to the two of you every week day for 3 hours a day on XM satellite radio. Your voices and antics had become a large part of my day as I travel the miles. Your steady tone of voice, solid advice and comedic antics made me feel at home no matter where in the Country I was. When I listened to you two all was right in the world.

God bless you and the rest of your family Ray.

I’m so sorry for your loss, Ray. I started listening in '06 and wasting a perfectly good hour every weekend with you and your brother has been a pleasure i look forword to ever since. No matter whats happening in my own life, i know i can always count on at lest a few good, hearty laughs hanging out with click and clack every week. Tom always had a wonderful way of putting things into perspective for me. He will be missed greatly. Please take care of yourself and the family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours

@kengreen get a digital tuning AM/FM radio and all should be well. They are about $25 at Walmart. I bought the AKAI model with the huge numbers and the reception is great. I listened to the weekend show twice and I must be getting the sniffles…or that’s what I told my wife anyway.

Dear Ray, I started listening to you and your brother in 2001 when we moved east from San Francisco and couldn’t get anything else on the radio! I had never been a talk radio listener but the two of you made me laugh so hard that I was hooked. My husband always knew not to bother me when your show was on (I think because it made me so happy). How lucky are you to have all the hours you’ve had with your brother recorded! Thank you so very much for all the laughs you and your brother gave us, they make my life, in the best and worst of times happier.

“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”
― Mark Twain

I’ve never owned a car in my 39 years, so it’s mind-boggling how many “perfectly good hours I’ve wasted” listening to Car Talk every weekend for the past 20 years.
But I keep listening, even to the reruns, because the hearty laughter of these 2 brothers is food for the soul. It’s kind of a show about problem-solving–whether automotive issues, relationship issues, real-life moral dilemmas, or bogus obfuscated puzzlers. Tom and Ray’s unique approach to problem-solving (at times “unencumbered by the thought process”) exemplifies an intelligence that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s my kind of people. I’m glad the show will keep airing.
This weekend’s episode was a fitting tribute. I hope that each time a listener laughs aloud, Tommy is up there laughing too.
Ray, you have my sympathy, my gratitude, my admiration, and my biggest hug. XOXO