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Tribute to Tom

Car talk is an important part of my Saturday. I love this show. I will miss Tom and his jokes!! I will continue listen as long as it is on radio. I am learning to laugh at myself. Condolences to family. Click and Clack, you are loved.

If you have a chance to listen to today’s Fresh Air (NPR), it provides a really nice remembrance of Tom.

Thanks George, that’s a great listen…

Thank you for the link.

He was awesome

Thank you Tom and Ray for all the laughs! My dad came to the US as a student from India way back in the 70s. He still has his old Cutlass Supreme, and that car along with the Toyota Camry that’s as old as me (25 years!), has meant we’ve had a lot of trips to “our” mechanic [Raymond Miller] and loved listening to Car Talk. Once we got a “new” 2003 Camry, my mom and I used to joke that we had one and a half cars because the two old ones were always rotating at the mechanic’s shop.

Thank you all so much for putting together this tribute, thereby allowing Tom’s radio family to share in his life celebration.

I raised my kids on Car Talk. It would be on while we were eating breakfast on Saturday mornings.Thank you for all these years of wonderfully funny radio. Our sincerest sympathies go out to you, Ray, and your family. The Gurak family.


There is a big discussion about Tom’s passing in “The Show” topic.

i know i am in scotland in a crap job the car talk boys cheered me up

Yup. They also cheered me up on Saturday mornings

Enjoying the tribute show so much. Listening for a second time, to get all the laughs. Ray did a fantastic job as host, and he and Doug B. and the staff chose perfect bits to air. Thank you, Ray and Tom, thank you! I’ll still be listening every weekend, for sure, as long as you continue to share with us. I bet Tom laughed today too, up in Car Talk Heaven!!!

They haven’t made a new show In years. You can still listen to the replays of their old shows.

Tom & Ray listened to you two on Saturday mornings. Even your repeats. Tom you will be missed, "Thanks for the memories."
A great show!

Thanks for giving all of us a chance to laugh and cry. So sorry for your loss.

Thank you for this tribute show and sharing the laughs. My brother died two years ago in October and I would love to hear his laugh and sage advice about anything I wanted to ask. The best car advice my brother gave was to try it myself first and then if I screwed it up, seek someone to pay to have it done! :slight_smile: My last discussion with him was about working on the breaks of his car since I had success with the challenge I faced with my car. I told him his break issue was way beyond anything I could accomplish! I pray that you will continue to have many moments of laughter as you reflect on the joy that Tom brought into so many lives. I can only make it through the days by remembering my brothers wisdom, smile and laughter that he freely shared. Blessings on your journey.

Ray - you’re a trooper - don’t know how you did today’s show! My sincere condolences to you and the entire family on the loss of YOUR BROTHER a wonderful “guy” …

Would it be possible for “you guys” to start next Saturday by re-running all of your episodes in the original order they were aired? the time you were done, I’d be 90 :0)

“What we keep in memory, is ours unchanged forever”…and I for one - will never forget the “urgent haircut” …my gut is pumping up and down right now as I’m laughing remembering it - and many other hilarious moments…

Take care,

i hate tv xfactor ect i love radio R.I.P tom

I and I’m sure others would like to celebrate the life of Tom. Ray and the staff will you please coinsider having a special Saturday show dedicated remembering Tom.