R.I.P. Tom Magliozzi

My heart-felt condolences to Tom’s friends, fans, and family (probably close to one and the same). It’s a heart-breaking loss, but we’ll do our best to laugh with him (instead of at him) as we know he would have wanted.

Just finished listening to Tommy’s tribute-podcast for the second time. Ray, Tom’s family and all of the folks at Car Talk, thank you for all you do.

Will miss you Tom.


I discovered Tom and Ray when I was living in Boston, 15 years ago, and I was still listening to car talk from time to time in Paris, France, where I live now since 2002.
Even though I am a French citizen and have now very few connections in the Boston area, I feel like I’ve lost a friend.
Please convey my warmest condolences to the magliozzi family.
Adieu Tom. A Dieu qui fera tout pour toi.

  • Martin

Sending my sincere condolences to Ray, his family and Tom’s family also. Many thanks for your show, and for making me REALLY laugh on Saturday mornings for the past 30 years. I don’t usually laugh like that, except when I am ‘hanging out’ with my brother and my Italian relatives. I am a fan of your show for many happy years. I am continuing to listen to the archival shows.
Thank you, Tom and Ray for the fun, and the car knowledge too.

I was so sad when I heard about Tom’s death. CT is my all-time favourite show and has kept me laughing during my otherwise boring commute.

Rob The Swede

Not to be morbid but, as much as I love it, it’s hard to listen to the show now that Tom’s gone.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for your wonderful show; I was sad when it ended, but still enjoy listening to the reruns. You changed my driving behavior; I was a vigorous downshifter until you told another caller it was pointless. I also drive 55 on the freeway and did even better than your stated gas savings. Thanks for all the good advice and wonderful laughs over the years.

Although I live in fair Israel, I have never missed a show in the past year and I now go from as far as I can go.
Your show had touched me in so many ways, leaving me laughing or pondering about life itself.
Thank you for letting me into your lives. May you never feel sorrow again.
Much love and condolences.

Here is an obit for Tom in the form of a double dactyl.

Tom Magliozzi’s big
Cackling laugh’s just a
Memory now.

With brother Raymond he
Learned to fix cars. Do we
Miss him? And how!