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Goodby Tom, you will be missed

We love you Tom and you will be missed so much. We love Car Talk and you both and hope that you continue the re-runs…we would miss the program so much. Play it over and over and we still laugh and enjoy you both and the evident love that you share. God bless you

That is too bad, but I hope that he enjoyed the time since he retired.

I wish the best all of Toms family and friends.

It was always a pleasure to listen to the guys and their laughter was contagious.


I don’t think there will be another radio show like cartalk

lots of advice
good music

What more could you want?

Strange as it may seem, sometimes I think the callers were just as important as Tom and Ray. Some of the callers were just as funny as the brothers. I suppose they had a gift for bringing out the best in the callers they got.

Which brother was the one that would snort like a pig when he laughed?

I used to love listening to the show, when it was still new. I was sad, when the brothers retired, but at least reruns still air. But I was sad to hear Tom had passed away.

Hopefully the reruns, and this website, will continue

Breaks my heart! I have listened to this (my most favourite) show for its entirety–through numerous moves, and many terrible, unpredictable, gruesome autos! I have always laughed, groaned and thoroughly enjoyed Car Talk…rest in peace, Tom–parked up there on the sky. Please send humourous signs to all of us down here…

Sympathy to family and loved ones.

Condolences to Tom’s family, Ray, and their extended family. Tom was, and will always remain, an American Icon.

So so sad and sorry to hear this. Prayers out to the family. What a wonderful guy, and a true blessing to have been able to share life with him in the world. All the laughs and stories. Thats what lifes about. Great man.

Very sorry to hear it. I’ll bet I listened to every Car Talk three times and always got a laugh. And, more often than not, good, practical car (and relationship) advice. And very sorry to hear of the Alzheimer’s connection; that is such a tragic end. Condolences to the family.

Tom, you will be missed. The life you lived is amazing - you brought joy to millions every week.

Ray - take care. This must be hard on you and the family. Our condolences.

Thank you Tom for all the laughs and wisdom you gave us. You will be missed by many. Condolences to Ray and family.

Goodbye Tom. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. My heartfelt condolences to the Magliozzi family and their many friends.

I feel like I’ve lost an old friend. I got hooked on Car Talk probably 20 years ago, right before I got hooked on NPR.

So long Tom. Thanks for all the bad advice over the years.

And don’t drive like my sister. (I don’t have a brother.)

I got hooked on Car Talk in the late 80’s. If i remember correctly were driving back from the North Shore in Hawaii while listening. Then discovered the local NPR station. Too many memories of Tom to share them all but you had to appreciate his love of the convertible and the parade of old but somehow functional cars he owned and loved. May he rest in peace.

“As The Wrench Turns”… Tommy’s gone to the great Hacker’s Haven in the sky. So much bad advice… so little time to yell at the radio. Does this mean I now have to change my screen name back to just “RAY?” Nah, I think I’ll keep it the way it is to pay homage to the brilliant bozos. RIP, Tom.

Thank you Tom, for all of the laughter, wisdom, and looking at life as you saw it, all shared across the years and air through the magic of radio. Ray, you and ALL of your family are in my prayers.