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Pulstar spark plugs

Anew after-market plug was mentioned to me several months ago. Last week I read an ad for this plug that makes its sound worth trying in my 2000 Outback that has 150,000 miles on (still runs good). Has anyone out there tried these plugs and with what results/comments.

Please use this site’s search function in order to view the 12 or so similar threads on this useless scam. I doubt that any of the regulars on this board want to rehash this again, so the search function is your best bet.

excellent reply, to the point, and effective. but… will it be heard?

Yeah, do a search. You can do that by using that big search button on the top of the page.

By the way, it’s a, oh, nevermind… I’m growing weary of repeating my epithet-laden opinion.

It has been around since I was a kid and I am now 60. It was worthless then and now.

Seems we get this question three times a week.

And the answer has never changed…

Why would you want an after market plug anyway? The regular new ones are sooooooo Cheap

Haven’t used these but I did install Bosch Platinum +2 spark plugs (purchased at the WalMart for about 2 bucks each) and am amazed at the incredible improvement in throttle response. The vehicle did 0 to 60 in .6 less seconds than before the installation. That is a worthwhile expenditure for that kind of return. No noticeable change in mpg but I do love these plugs. And, they come pre-gapped so there is less work installing these plugs. Bosch, by the way is the original company to successfully get the patent on the spark plug about 100 years ago. They make lots of automotive products and none are advertised as magical. Don’t believe there are any plugs that will actually drive down fuel consumption, because if there were I am sure the auto makers would use them. BTW, how can anyone put down these Pulstar plugs if they haven’t tried them, yet?