Spark Plugs


I just read about the ‘amazing’ spark plugs called Pulstar Pulse Plugs. https://ww…

Their claim is that the plug will give you a 6%-10% increase in gasoline mileage. At $24 each, their claim is that you will recoup your purchase price in six months.

My 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6cyl is getting 19/24 mpg at 250,000 miles.

I’ve been using the suggested o.e.m. spark plugs (roughly $6 each).


If these plugs were as good as claimed, all the manufacturers would be using them. You’re better off saving your money and using the OEM plugs, since the manufacturer determined them to be a very good performer in your vehicle.


It’s bunk.

The amazing claims work though. They generate interest in the product and X number of people will be suckered in.


These are not new. They were around in a slightly different package in the 60’s. They were a scam back then and they still are today.


This is just another example of the internet mirroring the old huskers at county fairs selling super sharp knives and lifetime oil for the tractor.


Buy them, try them, and post up your results for the rest of us:)


First time poster on a scam product…Moderator please remove this SPAM. We get enough spam in our e-mails…we don’t need it here.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that the plugs have been around for that long. It looked like it was a ‘new’ discovery. At $12 a plug I might have tried them out but at $25…I thought it best to do some research. I can use the $125 savings for other ‘jeep’ stuff.:slight_smile:


In this case it was a potential innocent victim that we actually prevented from being scammed. Personally, I’d rather let the posts through. It’s worth an occasional SPAM post to prevent so many from getting “taken”, and I think we do that pretty often.

One man’s opinion.


i dont see how plugs would help any gas mileage, if you have too much gas in your cylinder, it will just get burned by your cat