Pulstar Pulse Plug


I’m considering getting these spark plugs, but before I do I’d like to know if anyone out there has had any experience with these plugs. I would like to know if the manufacturer’s claims are legit concerning the increased fuel economy and horsepower.




Don’t waste your money. After all these years, no one has yet found a better way of making plugs. The basic design just happens to be very good and if you are having any problems, it is not due directly to the plugs. Fix what is wrong not what is not.



In fact stay away from any device that promises an increase in MPG.


This board is filled with many threads and discussions on why you’ll be wasting your money. Searching and reading through them should be very informative.


They really kick in the power at about 11,000 RPM. They give greater push from 170 MPH to 200.


Looks like no one who has answered you so far has had any experience with the Pulstars. Haven’t used these but I did install Bosch Platinum +2 spark plugs (purchased at the WalMart for about 2 bucks each) and am amazed at the incredible improvement in throttle response. The vehicle did 0 to 60 in .6 less seconds than before the installation. That is a worthwhile expenditure for that kind of return. No noticeable change in mpg but I do love these plugs. And, they come pre-gapped so there is less work installing these plugs. Bosch, by the way is the original company to successfully get the patent on the spark plug about 100 years ago. They make lots of automotive products and none are advertised as magical. Don’t believe there are any plugs that will actually drive down fuel consumption, because if there were I am sure the auto makers would use them. Buy Bosch plugs!


You gotta be kidding me…what is this, the 8th identical post? Do you work for Bosch or own stock?


Pardon the duplicate posting here, but it looks like we have three threads on essentially the same topic. It seems that most of the comments here are theory, opinion, critique, etc. I would like to offer a different point of view. I heard about the plugs on NPR, and, being in the car business and living in Albuquerque, tracked them down by first getting my local NAPA store to get me a set of 5 for my Volvo S80 2.5T, and then being so bold as to email the home office, which led me to a dialogue with the guy who invented the plugs. He said they were developing a database of vehicles that had been tested on a dynamometer and would I be able to supply them with a few vehicles? I volunteered my 100,000 mile 95 BMW 325i. The before and after dynamometer tests were absolutely conclusive, but even more impressive was the improved performance, particularly noticeable in low end torque and average fuel economy for a daily commute I had been making in this car for weeks. Up about 2 mpg on the onboard computer, consistent with the dynamometer test results. Since then, I have taken them a 2008 Chevy Silverado with a 6.0L V8 with displacement on demand technology; a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer with a continuously variable automatic transmission, and a 2002 Corvette with a 6 speed manual. In every case, every aspect of performance which was measured showed a measurable improvement. The Corvette, like the BMW, was improved significantly in torque, horsepower, and fuel economy. The Lancer didn’t gain horsepower or torque, but improved MPG’s by over 12%. The Chevy didn’t improve much in fuel economy, but picked up a lot of power and torque. I will continue to use the plugs in my personal vehicles (the Volvo has gone from being very quick to scary quick), and supply the factory/lab with vehicles to test. Having practiced, I decided to preach also, and became an authorized reseller of the plugs, and built a website that includes data on the tests that my vehicles were involved in, as well as other data from the company. The proof is in the performance, and they do perform.


It is utter BS for someone to claim that their car’s performance is improved by the use of Bosch +2 plugs or Pulstar plugs. Period.
Anyone who thinks so is suffering from a severe placebo effect or has a vested interest in selling this snake oil.

If one has an engine with totally crapped out plugs and the plugs are replaced with new whatever then they might have a point. Replacing good plugs with snake oil is not going to make one iota of difference.


If the Bosh plugs did all that, then I would suggest that the plugs that were in there were not functioning as designed, or they were the wrong plugs. It is also possible that you might have had some engine problems and he new plugs just hid the problems.

Bosch makes good plugs, but so do all other primary makes. No special design plug is going to improve the stock results from a stock engine.


Sorry, but you’re dead wrong in your uneducated answer. The engine was working perfectly fine and still is. It just picked up on performance once the Bosch Platinum +2 plugs were installed. BTW, the plugs which were in the car were factory installed, and I know GM did not put the wrong plugs into a new car. Or, do you hold yourself out as an expert on GM’s practices, as well? Are you a psychic? Do you have special powers? Maybe you would do better if you would start predicting lottery numbers - in advance, I mean. Toodles.


Great reply. Thank you. Would like to know your website name. I may just test these Pulstars for myself. It’s a shame that people who can’t afford them put them down. Jealousy is the fuel for small minds.


Please, do not call one of our regular and respected posters uneducated. Joseph E Meehan had provided me with excellent advice based on his experiences with similar problems.

You on the other hand have given no posts on anything except Bosch Platinum +2 plugs. I might add that I did try these plugs on my 76 Nova 9C1, they fouled up faster than any other plug I have ever used. Once I replaced them with OEM, I never had the problem for the rest of the life of the car.


Hahaha great reply?? From someone who is selling the product? And who’s only posts (like yours) have been to promote a ridiculous product? Hmmm…yeah that’s an opinion I can trust.

And jealousy? Yeah, we really can’t afford 4 Pulstars at $25 each, that’ll break the bank. Of course, I do have a problem with throwing money down the drain, so no, I won’t be spending $100 on those.


Wow, galaxy. Ever heard of the placebo effect? Did you have your car checked out for any plug related issues before changing the plugs to ensure “the engine was working perfectly fine”? Did you have the car dyno’ed before and after the plug installation to prove your claim of “picked up on performance”? (whatever that means)

I bet you could loan your car to someone for a day and if, when they returned it, they told you they installed Pulstar plugs, but actually didn’t change anything, you’d still be out the next day raving to anyone who’d listen about your new increased power…hahaha