Spark plugs


I recently read an ad about a new plug called, “Pulstar”, that’s supposed to fire hotter than a regular plug. Does anyone have any experience with it and is it worth the price?




You can buy a plug now from any of the major manufacturers that burn hotter. And it will make no difference what-so-ever in gas mileage or performance.


It’s another useless gimmick.

A visit to a good sparkplug website, perhaps like NGK’s, can provide you with lots of useful info on sparkplugs. As already mentioned, you can buy plugs in different heat ranges and different gap sizes, and even with different electrode materials, but I strongly recommend against it unless you’re a hot rodder with a souped up engine. Changing heat ranges and other parameters in a stock engine can easily have undesireable consequences.

A good set of the proper NGK plugs cannot be beat for a stock engine.


F***load of mother f***ing bulls***. Use a normal spark plug - they work just as well, if not better, but cost less.


if you get these plugs, and put on wire braid sparkplug looms, and top that off with chrome valve cover gaskets you will get NO increase in mileage. but you MAY feel better buying all that jazz. its up to you.

do they work better. NOPE


Did you work for Multigraph?


Haven’t used these but I did install Bosch Platinum +2 spark plugs (purchased at the WalMart for about 2 bucks each) and am amazed at the incredible improvement in throttle response. The vehicle did 0 to 60 in .6 less seconds than before the installation. That is a worthwhile expenditure for that kind of return. No noticeable change in mpg but I do love these plugs. And, they come pre-gapped so there is less work installing these plugs. Bosch, by the way is the original company to successfully get the patent on the spark plug about 100 years ago. They make lots of automotive products and none are advertised as magical. Don’t believe there are any plugs that will actually drive down fuel consumption, because if there were I am sure the auto makers would use them. Buy Bosch plugs!