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Pulstar pulse spark plugs

Does anyone have experience with these plugs? They make great claims for increased power and mpg but they cost $25 each.

If your engine runs fine on $2 spark plugs, $25 spark plugs aren’t going to improve that. Your engine computer keeps track of how well a cylinder is firing. It’s called “number of misfire”. All engines misfire. They are allowed to misfire up to 2%, before the check engine light is required to be turned on. The number of misfires, thus spark plug and cylinder efficiency, can be scanned from the engine computer with a scan tool, if you wanted to know.

They work as well as my transmission advice which usually sounds like getting a better car. You won’t lose any tailgaters, you’ll only lose $25 per cylinder.

They can only help if there is something wrong with your ignition system. It would be cheaper to fix it.  If your ignition system is working as designed, most are, then there is absolutely nothing you are going to do to the ignition system to increase power or mpg.  Don't waste your money.

I don’t think you can increase mpg or power by switching spark plugs. If you could, these plugs would be standard equipment on EVERY new car. Save your money.

i try the plugs in my truck they gave me a little bit better gas millige. but i don’t think it is worth the 25 dollar tag. however i would say that the E3 Spark Plugs
are worth the 6$ a plug. there are worth it better gas and more power.

mopar man

This question comes up once a month. These plugs are worthless.

Haven’t used these but I did install Bosch Platinum +2 spark plugs (purchased at the WalMart for about 2 bucks each) and am amazed at the incredible improvement in throttle response. The vehicle did 0 to 60 in .6 less seconds than before the installation. That is a worthwhile expenditure for that kind of return. No noticeable change in mpg but I do love these plugs. And, they come pre-gapped so there is less work installing these plugs. Bosch, by the way is the original company to successfully get the patent on the spark plug about 100 years ago. They make lots of automotive products and none are advertised as magical. I don’t believe there are any plugs that will actually drive down fuel consumption, because if there were I am sure the auto makers would use them. Buy Bosch plugs!